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5 Reasons Why Australia is The Best Place for Digital Nomads

Technology has been consistently changing our lives for a while now. The invention of the printing press made books available to wider audiences, while a few hundred years later, traveling to a distant location in just a few hours was made possible by perfecting the airplane. The ways how we work have also changed, with many skills and job positions being deemed redundant due to high-tech automated solutions, and others arising to meet new global needs.

A few decades ago, workers were tied to their working places, and the concept of ‘remote work’ was strange and unimaginable. However, people now need a laptop and a stable Internet connection in order to produce their share of work. This has given birth to the so-called digital nomad lifestyle. Digital nomads can be found working in libraries in France, cafés in Uruguay, or shared offices in Australia. Various locations provide different working conditions for a digital nomad, and in this article, you’ll see why Australia is among the top destinations for digital nomads.

Who are Digital Nomads and How can I Become One?

When you know that you can do your job from anywhere in the world, you want to use that opportunity. Digital nomads live a nomadic and independent lifestyle, and work remotely by leveraging the powers of technology. They are usually found working in the knowledge economy industries – consulting, tutoring, writing, design, media, IT, and marketing (among others). This lifestyle is made possible due to VoIP (voice over internet protocol), smartphones, portable computers, and cheap Internet access.

In order to become a digital nomad, you need to be prepared to travel alone, explore unknown countries and adapt to a way of life that’s different from what you’re used to. Before you set off on a trip, you need to be sure that you have the skills necessary to support that kind of lifestyle. If you’ve spent time acquiring the wrong skills and are now unable to use that knowledge, opting for this lifestyle can be a hard decision to make. To make things easier, you should get a job that teaches you the skills you need, use your spare time to work as a freelancer, and acquire certificates from established online universities. Also, try to learn in a digital nomad hub, and find an online job or move your existing business online. Many things depend on the location you choose.

Why Choose Australia for Your Journey as a Digital Nomad?

Things can get hectic when it comes to choosing a new destination, because it will be difficult if you want to go to a place where the power goes out regularly, the Internet is limited, and living expenses are too high. This is why we claim that Australia is the best choice for digital nomads and give you five reasons why you should start or continue your nomadic journey there.

1. Various living options

Any experienced digital nomad can tell you just how much living in New York and Melbourne differs. The food costs are somewhat higher in Australia, but you can find cheaper accommodation and earn as twice as much here than in other western countries. Before you move to another country, you should invest time and energy and investigate everything that a country has to offer and imagine your new life there. Australia offers everything from the bush wilderness to urbanized environments (such as Melbourne and Sydney), and everything in between. A high-speed Internet connection is available in the big cities, and finding more affordable housing is always an option.

2. The boom of coworking spaces

The needs of digital nomads are widely recognized in Australia, and the nomad community there doesn’t stop developing and expanding. As more digital nomads are choosing to work from coworking spaces, these specific workplaces are constantly multiplying. For example, if you decide to reside in New South Wales, you can find a shared office space in Sydney that will meet your needs and interests as a foreign remote worker. Such spaces offer good company of other nomads, reliable Internet, a change of environment from your home, and great food and beverages (read: quality coffee).

3. There’s so much to explore

Do you want to explore a smaller community or a big city? Do you want to be surrounded by concrete, be closer to the mountains or maybe the seaside? The cities are dynamic, multicultural, and huge, while the wild beauties of Australia are very diverse. Divers and surfers are keen on the sands and waves of the eastern coast, while Queensland or Tasmania offer lush ancient forests. The weather is great all year round, with mild winters, pleasant autumn and spring, and hot summers.

4. No language barrier

If you’re reading this, that means you understand English. The official language in Australia is English, so even if you’re a non-native speaker, there’s no language barrier preventing you from moving into the country. Most of your associates and clients, as well as everyone else you meet will speak English, which makes it easier to find what you need and get around the place.

5. Relying on the Internet connection

The most important factor that allows you to explore various parts of the world is a stable Internet connection. Without it, you won’t be able to continue your nomadic adventure. Electricity and an Internet connection can be found in big cities, as well as in smaller and less-urbanized communities. All the comforts of the modern world are available in all the parts of the Australian continent.

How to Choose Your Destination?

There are certain steps to take in order to choose the best destination for living as a digital nomad. First, make a list of all the things you want from the place (costs of living, infrastructure, geopolitics, language, etc.). Forget about comfort, as taking up new adventures will require you to compromise. You will probably have to step out of your comfort zone. Be ready to experience traveling solo and learn a lot more about yourself because solo travels make you think more about safety, but also enable you to change the list of things you want from your destination frequently.

Even though there are destinations where bad things are more likely to happen, you can’t go wrong with your travels as a digital nomad. Tough situations are going to happen, but they’ll teach you how to get better and you’ll meet great people whom you can trust. Australia can cater to each need that a digital nomad may have. For starters, consider moving into an urban center where you can meet other digital nomads, collaborate, network, and learn from them, before you set off on your own trip. Make the most of your nomadic lifestyle.

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