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14 Awesome Backyard DIYs

Warmer weather approaching or already here–either way these twenty-five DIY ideas will have you wanting to spend every day in your backyard. Enjoy as much time as possible outdoors surrounded by awesome DIY decor and accessories!

DIY Outdoor Timber Side Table

Give yourself a place to set your drink while you are relaxing outside by DIYing a timber side table.

DIY Pallet Plant Bench

Enjoy relaxing beneath the shade of two small trees with this naturally gorgeous bench idea. Recycle a wood pallet to make this bench and create extra seating for your yard.​

DIY Hammock

Relax underneath the trees in your backyard by DIYing a hammock with fabric drop cloth and rope.

DIY Outdoor Serving Station

Tight on space? You can make a serving station for drinks and snacks in your backyard. The best part? You can close it when its not in use.

DIY Outdoor Bench

Build a set of two Elm inspired outdoor benches to add seating to either side of your patio table. Replace any worn plastic patio chairs with these sturdy wood benches that are affordable to make.

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand

Prevent your patio umbrella from falling over by crafting an umbrella stand out of a large plant pot that’s sturdy enough to keep your umbrella standing upright.

DIY Painted Patio Tiles

Fix your stained or bland patio tiles with paint to give your patio a beautiful graphic design.

DIY Rolling Grill Cart

Give yourself some extra space to lay down food trays while you are grilling on the BBQ. You can roll this DIY cart next to the BBQ then roll it right on over to the patio table to save you the trouble of carrying all the food over.

DIY Leather Sling Chair

Reupholster your old sling chair by replacing the old fabric with leather. You’ll have a sophisticated upcycled piece of furniture to use on your patio or even indoors.

DIY Tree Swing

Keep your kids entertained for hours by building them a tree swing, or indulge in your own childhood nostalgia with this ageless DIY.

DIY Painted Patio Chairs Makeover

Fix your stained or lightly rusted patio chairs by giving them a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. This great DIY project will make your chairs look brand new.

DIY Wood Outdoor Bench

It’s hard to believe but this stunning outdoor bench only costs $35 to make

DIY Outdoor Kids Playhouse

Young children will surely adore having their own playhouse where they can pretend to have a house of their very own in the backyard.

DIY Concrete Fire Column

Light up your patio with soft flickering candles that are safely protected from the wind pushing them over or blowing them out. A constructed concrete base will sturdily hold the candle in place, while the glass will prevent the candle from unexpectedly blowing out.

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