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10 DIY Vases Perfect For Spring

These DIY Vases will help you celebrate the first blossoms of spring. Display fresh flowers beautifully with one or more of these 10 ideas. From glittery paint, to stone and marble effects, to geometric patterns, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design idea for your decor style.

DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Add a touch of luxury to a plain glass vase by applying sheets of gold leaf to the base for a glamorous finished product that’s perfect for your fresh flowers.

DIY Holographic Vase

Anything holographic is very trendy right now, from fashion to interior decor. One easy way to affordably incorporate this trend into your home decor is to apply holographic vinyl film around a glass vase.

DIY Neon Typography Bud Vase

Add some humor to your desk by crafting your own typographic flower vase that says “buds” or “grow up” on a bold eye-catching neon background.

DIY Brushstroke Vase

Even if you do not consider yourself artistic, you can easily recreate this brushstroke vase by painting small strokes all around one of your glass vases.

DIY Chevron Painted Vase

Build your own vase out of pieces of wood and paint a graphic chevron pattern over the exterior of your completed vase for a decorative accent on your desk.

DIY Gold Gilded Vase

Do you still have leftover gold paint from your last DIY project? Use the paint to add a gilded base to a plain glass vase for a stunning display in your home.

DIY Patterned Vase

Paint your own custom design for this DIY vase project. Using screen adhesive, apply gold foil to a ceramic vase to add some metallic details to your home this spring.Next time you’re at the craft store, look for empty glass milk bottles. They’re a great item to have on hand for crafting and DIY projects. You can dip them in paint to create a vase with rustic-vintage appeal that’s perfect for holding a few flowers from your backyard.

DIY Hanging Test Tubes Flower Vase

Decorate a wall in your home with fresh flowers by DIYing this unique vase. Hang several test tubes in a row; they’re perfect for displaying a single blossom stems each.

DIY Painted Bottle Vase

Here’s an easy way to recycle your old glass bottles: peel off the labels and paint them to give them a bold and bright decorative stripe design. Collect the bottles together and they make a pretty centerpiece on any table.

DIY Geometric Copper Vase

Bring out the warm tones in your tulips by creating a matching vase with copper details. You can make this DIY copper vase with contact paper that you simply stick onto a plain vase.

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